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teamlivingwaterThe Well Done Run is not your normal 5K.  We're not as concerned with how fast you can run it.  Don't get us wrong; we'll still time your race, but don't expect a 5K PR.  We want this to be a little harder on you.  We want the participants to experience a day in the life of those that have to live without clean water.  So, when you arrive at The Well Done Run, part of your pre-race activities will include getting an empty 1-gallon milk jug.  You will carry this jug with you throughout the entire race.  You will not be allowed to start without a jug, and you will not "officially" finish without your jug.  At the turn around point in the race, you will fill your jug with water from Gin Creek.  Disgusting, right?  Well, that's the point.  As gross as it sounds, the water running through that creek is cleaner than the water a lot of the world has to drink.  Once your jug is filled, you will carry it back to the finish line.  Yes...it's hard to run while carrying a gallon of water.  That's kind of the point.  This isn't meant to be an easy, "run as fast as you can" 5K.  We encourage you to use the extra time on the course to think about the millions of children that have to spend their days walking up to 7 miles each way to get water.  If you're running with your family, take this time to talk to your kids about ways you can help bring water to the world.  

Infographic describing the impact that the Well Done Run has had around the world.

November 6, 2021 @ 09:00am

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If you would like to contribute to The Well Done Run but don't like the idea of getting up early to run on a Saturday, well, you're in luck! Click on the button below to donate to the cause without having to run a step!

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