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We are not going to allow COVID to stop us from joining God in bringing clean water to those in need this year! We just had to get a little more creative in how we could do so safely this year, and thus decided that instead of having a one day in-person event, that we would have what we are calling Water Week!! This week will consist of different aspects to raise money for clean water wells with the hopes that everyone can jump on board with one or all of these aspects as we rally together as a community for a week to focus on showing God’s love in practical ways to those that live without access to clean water!

Water Week Details

When: Sunday, November 1st- Sunday, November 8th
What: To raise money for clean water wells in India through Living Water International
How: Four ways to get involved….

  1. Through signing up to walk or run in one of our virtual races (1 mile family fun run, 5k, or 10k)!
  2. By getting family and friends to support you in your virtual race! Awards for top three fundraisers!
  3. By becoming a Gallon ($1,000), Half Gallon ($500), or Pint ($250) Sponsor
  4. By participating in a week-long water fast where you fast from all beverages other than water and donate the money you would have spent on other beverages that week towards clean water by clicking on the donate button!

Where: Virtually anywhere! Please run your chosen race distance anywhere in the world the week of Sunday November 1st-Sunday, November 8th and submit your time onto our webpage when you have completed your race by 11:59PM on November 8th! If possible, we are encouraging the majority of people to run on Saturday, November 7th, but running your race anytime that week is perfect!
Why: This year, maybe more than ever we are seeing the devastating effects that not having access to clean water can have on a community. Without clean water infectious diseases like COVID can spread rapidly. Let’s continue to join in the fight of bringing clean water to the 844 million people still living without access to it!

Other Important Details

Please post a picture of yourself to social media, before or after your race (if possible with your 2020 WDR t-shirt on) with the hashtag-#welldonerun2020.

  • If you live in Searcy or in central Arkansas, please come and pick your t-shirt and Swag bag up on Sunday, November 1st from 3-5PM at Fellowship Bible Church, Searcy. All out of town/out of state bags will be mailed to you!
  • Be sure to sign up by Monday, October 12th to guarantee a t-shirt!

Infographic describing the impact that the Well Done Run has had around the world.

November 6, 2021 @ 09:00am

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If you would like to contribute to The Well Done Run but don't like the idea of getting up early to run on a Saturday, well, you're in luck! Click on the button below to donate to the cause without having to run a step!

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